The Common Faith of All Christians

All throughout my college years, Christians on Campus has taught me to contend for the common faith. I've heard rumors before about members of Christians on Campus being exclusive, but whoever has come to their gatherings would quickly realize that Christians on Campus receives all genuine Christians. Yes, all genuine Christians who believe in the common faith (this term is used in Titus 1:4 and Jude 3).

The common faith is not a doctrine that someone wrote. I didn't come up with it, nor Christians on Campus, nor Martin Luther. It's the Bible, it's God Himself, who defines our faith. Thus, I simply appreciate the fact that I was given the opportunity to learn how we need to fight for the faith and not fight for anything else that is not part of the common faith.

According to the Bible, there are eight items in our common faith:
These are the specific, absolute items that God defines to be the bases of our identity as Christians. In other words, we are Christians based upon our believing in these items. Yes, very specific and special indeed. That is why, the Apostle Paul said he fought the good faith and kept the faith (2 Timothy 4:7). The Book of Jude specifically urges us to contend for the faith which was once for all delivered unto all God's people (Jude 3).

This past week I was reminded once more, our faith is the ground of all the Christians' genuine oneness. We are one not because of some kind of agreement, we are one because we are of the same faith. All Christians are the same in the faith. There is no argument.

Although we are the same in the faith, many of us may be very different in the doctrines. Shall we be divided then? Why emphasize differences when we have the common ground? Must the Body of Christ be divided due to our doctrines?

I have a personal experience to share in my next post


  1. God's enemy, Satan, has successfully divided the believers based on doctrine - if not based on natural preference, even the sound doctrines have divided the Christians!

    But all the real believers in Christ have only One Common Faith, which is the truth that saves us, and the above points (to which I wholeheartedly say AMEN!!!) are the major items of the faith, to which all believers adhere to. We fight for this faith and even die for this faith, but concerning other doctrines, we don't insist neither divide ourselves from other believers.

    Such a mercy to emphasize only this - the common faith delivered to the saints!

  2. Yes. This is the only way for us to be truly one. Thank you for following this blog, Stefan.

  3. I really like this blog because it speaks to what I have been experiencing lately. The past few months I have been in a bible study in my workplace, and it just amazes me that...despite all our differences, and backgrounds in terms of our Christian walk, the bible study/fellowship is able to exist... and as you listed the items of the common faith, it relieves me to see that they are based on the truth and are themselves reality. they are specific yet broad enough to include ALL GENUINE BELIEVERS. Wow, and I like what you said that, Christians on Campus nor Martin Luther did not come up with it... but it's just the Lord. Actually, the items themselves are just the Lord, they are reality themselves. Wow!

  4. That's true. All these items are accomplished by the Lord Himself and He is the reality. I'm glad you get to be in a Bible study at your workplace. May the Lord continue to bless you all with rich fellowship, with Himself.


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