I Need a Home

God is our homeThree years ago, I wrote a similar post on this topic: Christians on Campus - I Needed a Home. At that time, I introduced you to this older couple whose home I found real rest. I was a freshman then.

These few days I've been revisiting the matter of needing a home because one of my housemates brought it up in a conversation. The phrase, I need a home, may be simple to some but to many it can develop into a profound defining of basic human and spiritual need.

First, let's explore the human perspective of having a home. Economists would say the most basic unit of an economy is a household. A home is where real formative activities happen. Whether or not the constituent of an economy is happy and healthy depends on what's happening at the most basic level. Society today realizes how crucial it is to nurture a healthy home where their children can rest, grow, and develop in a normal way. Humanly we all need a healthy home where we can rest and care for our young. Likewise in our spiritual life we need to find a home to rest and nurture our spiritual children.

God is Our Home

From the spiritual perspective firstly our anchor, the foundation of our rest, is the Lord Jesus - God Himself. He is our dwelling place.

"O Lord, You have been our dwelling place in all generations." -Psalm 90:1

I'm not sure if I would ever be able to fully explain this point. At times I still feel restless because life is full of responsibilities. Nevertheless, instead of going outward trying to do my best to solve everything, I'm learning to turn inward - to God in my spirit who is my home, comfort, and rest.

Recently I was quite distraught learning that although I have dear companions in the Lord, the stability of my Christian life primarily rests on the Lord Himself. It's easy to lean on someone whom we can see and touch. To lean on the Lord Jesus and to dwell in Him takes faith. Yet He is the trustworthy, the dependable, the tried-and-true, the unfailing. And we know that! He has proven Himself over and over again. It is our plain sight that deludes us and causes us to doubt.

The longer we have been Christians, the seemingly more difficult for us to have faith. When we were still newly saved believers, it seemed like the Lord would answer our prayers more quickly. He would listen more. Yet the Lord has been more silent lately. We ask, "Is He even listening?"

The Christian life becomes a life of waiting on God. Our self-assurance diminishes, and how we long to hear His speaking. There's a great paradox taking form in our being: outwardly we're turning weaker and at times people may think we're "lost", but inwardly we're becoming more rooted and grounded in love in Christ.

As we exercise faith to take refuge and cling to the Lord Jesus in our spirit, push our way into a deeper union with the Lord, silence all the noises outside, the sense of His presence grows stronger. Not that He's ever away, it's just that now we are facing the right direction to see His face. There may be no clear answer or solution but at that very moment the Lord Jesus Himself is truly enough, ever more assuring and comforting. We feel at home in Him.

Yes, it is an active choice to make motion toward God and yes, we have no such strength of our own. Our faith is the Lord Himself to us. On our side, we may feel like we're the ones struggling to find rest in Him. On His side, actually it is not we who are seeking Him but He's the One who presses us from every side to enter deeper into Him. In the end, even our desperation originates from His mercy and grace.

This is our most basic human and spiritual need - to find home in the Lord.


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