The Never-fading One

The Lord Jesus Christ is the unfading One!  

Many things have transpired since the last time I wrote a blog post. I went to Mrs. L's burial service, went to Maine for a trip, my paternal grandmother passed away, and I've had a super busy summer being a staffer for a UT Christian club in Austin. Also I just got back from a long family trip.

As every day went by, I was lamenting on the fact that my time with the Lord diminished rather fast. My body was just tired from all the activities in these past few months. I think almost everyday, I simply told the Lord how tired I was. 

One night during my family trip, I was sleeping after a long day of driving up to the mountain. In my dream, I met my late paternal grandmother, a true person of prayer, worrying about her children and grandchildren. Now I'm not into dreams and all that but my spirit was stirred up in my sleep. 

I told her not to worry, not to look back. I told her, "Our Christ will do it. He is able and faithful." She then left but for some reason, from the deepest part of my being I began to declare very clearly, very definitely, "Lord, You are the never-fading One. My love dwindles, my heart fails, but You never fade. Your love never fade. Your faithfulness never fade."

I am not sure what happened then, but I woke up encouraged, fully infused with faith. What touched me the most was the fact that the Lord did not let me go: He reminded me of who He is and what He is able to do even in my sleep.

Remembering that night, this morning I craved the Word of God. I opened the bookmarked page in my Bible and read 2 Corinthians 13:14 with the help of remarkable footnotes. I can testify that God is good for food in His Word. I am eating the Living Bread and am indeed satisfied.

An excerpt from the footnote I read today:

"In order to redeem fallen man that He might again have the position to be one with man, He became incarnated (John 1:1, 14) in the Son and through the Spirit (Luke 1:31-35) to be a man, and lived a human life on the earth, also in the Son (Luke 2:49) and by the Spirit (Luke 4:1; Matt. 12:28). At the beginning of His ministry on the earth, the Father anointed the Son with the Spirit (Matt. 3:16-17; Luke 4:18) in order that He might reach men and bring them back to Him. Just before He was crucified in the flesh and resurrected to become the life-giving Spirit (1 Cor. 15:45), He unveiled His mysterious trinity to His disciples in plain words (John 14--17), stating that the Son is in the Father and the Father is in the Son (John 14:9-11), that the Spirit is the transfiguration of the Son (John 14:16-20), that the three, coexisting and coinhering simultaneously, are abiding with the believers for their enjoyment (John 14:23; 17:21-23), and that all that the Father has is the Son's and all that the Son possesses is received by the Spirit to be declared to the believers (John 16:13-15). Such a Trinity is altogether related to the dispensing of the processed God into His believers (John 14:17, 20; 15:4-5) that they may be one in and with the Triune God (John 17:21-23)."


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