Five Tips for Christian Students in College

Human Government in Daniel 2
Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend a ministry series meeting for Christian students in college. The topic was about Christ's second coming and what our response and attitude should be.
According to Daniel chapter 2, the destiny of the great human image (which symbolizes the totality of human government: past, present, and future) is to be crushed by a stone cut without hands, which signifies Christ who was crucified and resurrected.

Throughout the ages, human government has been part of the world system, which lies in the evil one (1 John 5:19). This does not mean we are now rebels against our own government but in essence, we must see that in His second coming, Christ will establish His kingdom on this earth by crushing and replacing human government with all its unrighteousness and corruption.

There is so much to be said about human government and its destiny but more importantly, how does this vision relate to us? We do not want to be rooted in the world and occupied by the anxieties of this life with its earthly pleasures. Last night I was helped with five practical tips for college students to respond to this vision of the end time:
  1. Read your Bible daily
  2. Pray with your spiritual companions regularly 
  3. Find a home to enjoy fellowship weekly
  4. Speak to your friends boldly
  5. Come to the meetings habitually
By the Lord's mercy and grace, may we practice these healthy habits so that we will be found ready when our Lord Jesus returns.


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