Thank You Note: A Time for the Lord and the Body Life

These past two weeks have been hectic. I'm a person who can only do one thing at a time, but it seems like life is always a whirlwind of simultaneous happenings. Now when things get busy, it's very easy to shortchange my personal time with the Lord, my Bible reading, my spiritual nourishment. Not a good thing.

Yet thanks to the training I have received from FTTA, regardless of my current condition, deep within I always know where I need to be. I need to MAKE TIME for the Lord, to be in His presence. So everyday, I would be pressed with desperation to make time, even if it's only few minutes, to stop everything else and be before the Lord, in His word.

Also, I thank the believers whom I am practically related with in many different ways. This morning when I woke up, I received seven text messages from multiple friends. All of them were Bible verses that these ones had enjoyed early in the morning. I couldn't help but use these verses to utter prayers back to the Lord.

A Christian couple has graciously offered me a place to stay when I was homeless due to some complications with my living arrangement. These ones have always opened their home to shepherd others. Even right now, a family with three little children are staying with us for a week while their house is going under major renovation. My mother asked me, "This couple, what kind of people are they?"

You may think this whole thing is not a big deal, but when you become so related to a fellow member of the Body of Christ, you'd begin to realize that this is not a mere charity, it's the Body life. We are not individualistic, isolated members. We are members one of another.

If our right pinky toe is injured, spontaneously our whole body would rise up to care for it because that member is part of the body. This is the body life in the physical realm, a clear parallel to the Body life in the Body of Christ.

So I answered my mother, "These ones are different because they've seen the vision and the burden." I didn't have to explain further, my mom understood. When we've seen the vision and received the burden to practically live in the Body life, we cannot help but live for and according to the principle of the Body of Christ.


  1. This is so precious! Amen. Thankyou Lord for the Body. <3 The part about not being individualistic isolated members but members one of another popped out to me. Today I heard a brother share on how individualism is an invitation to satan's attack. "Don't be a lone ranger!", he said. lol. I will always remember that :)Oh Lord! keep knitting us together for Your purpose!

    1. RDLC, thanks for sharing. You're right when we're isolated, we actually become vulnerable to the enemy's temptations and attacks. Yet when we're related in a practical way with the other members of the Body of Christ, we are covered, hidden in His Body.

      I don't think this means everything will turn smooth and happy with no problem at all. This simply means that every detail of our life will now be part of the building up of the Body of Christ, which is our most practical salvation.

  2. Thanks for sharing Katherine. I also find that when I get busy I tend to spend less time with the Lord. Today I was reminded to spend some private time with the Lord in the afternoon and it was so sweet. I also started calling on the Lord when I woke up in the morning, and it seemed like the rest of the day I was calling on the Lord and singing hymns. Let's love the Lord with our best love and give Him the preeminence in all our life.

    1. Very sweet, Patty. We do need to be reminded again and again that the truth is it's human to need the Lord. His presence infuses us with faith, love, peace, the divine life, actually more of everything that He is.

      Amen. Let's love Him with our best love and give Him the preeminence in all our life.

  3. Your post reminds me of two crucial aspects of our Christian life: a private time with the Lord and a corporate time with Him in the Body. The Lord is so sweet to us personally and without this time we will have to root system, no intimate relationship with God. On the other hand, our times of worship in large meetings, small meetings, and just with other members in general enriches our personal time and vice versa. We need to spend time before His face but also time with His Body.

    1. That's a very balanced thought! We need to develop a personal, private, intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus. Also, we need to practice being members of one another in the Body of Christ. In this way, we can be tempered, adjusted, transformed so that we can be build-able into the building of God.


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