Help: Waiting for Your Response

Dear Readers,

In my last post, "The Great Searching of Today's Society," I was asking for your thoughts and comments. I understand that the first few weeks of July, everyone might be occupied with special plans, family trips, etc.

So yes, my previous post was quite untimely but I'd like to gather more responses from you all concerning the content of my previous post. 

Would you all go back to read it? Also, please take some time to write your thoughts and comments at the end of my blog post?

Click here for my previous post.

By gathering your thoughts, I'm hoping to observe this matter of searching more closely. Actually the purpose of this blog is partly to present a sound, flowing thought on unfolding the mystery of human life. 

So it would be interesting if you could contribute and participate in it. You don't have to write much but if you can also explain your thought process of how your thoughts emerged, that would be helpful!

Please share the post with your family and friends and ask them to share their thoughts as well! Thank you all!


  1. Katherine,

    Like you said in your previous post I also believe that everyone is looking for purpose and community, something to give them meaning and somewhere they can belong. However I can testify that only Christ can satisfy this desire within them. He is actually the "desire of the nations" (Haggai 2:7). Christ can give us purpose and the Body of Christ gives us community. I hope some of those searching for so long on the internet everyday come across your blog Katherine

    1. Thanks, Caitlin.

      I hope those who are searching for so long meet the Desire of the nations. :)

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