Christ is the Reality of God's Law

Psalm 119

If we muse on Psalm 119 we shall realize that from the very beginning, in the Old Testament, God's view in giving man His law is to lead man to Christ Himself. In this chapter, the psalmist describes God's Law as His Word, His testimony, and as salvation, a life-source. Christ is God's Righteous Law!
"The law is not consciously kept by us through our outward endeavoring but is spontaneously and unconsciously fulfilled in us by the inward working of the Spirit of life. 
The Spirit of life is the Spirit of Christ, and Christ corresponds with the law of God. This Spirit within us spontaneously fulfills all the righteous requirements of the law through us when we walk according to Him... 
The law is the living word of God which infuses God's substance into those who lovingly seek Him... Once we have been thoroughly infused with God's substance, He Himself from within us will keep His own law." (Holy Word for Morning Revival: Crystallization-study of Psalms)
As I considered my ways, I repented before the Lord. I turned my feet once again toward His testimonies, His Word, and pray, "Lord, I confess that my heart has the tendency to depart from Your word. Call my heart back, o Lord, to be inclined to Your word, to cling to Your testimonies."


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