Depression and Anxiety (Part 1 of 2)

No, I'm not a doctor but have you heard sometimes people say that "the best doctor is the patient herself?" Oh well, maybe that's not a popular notion after all.

Let me then put it this way: I realize that I should be careful here addressing the matter of depression and anxiety since obviously I'm not an expert, who can medically help anybody in that sense.

However, I must say that due to the simple fact that we all live in a convoluted cosmos, a complex system of living in the world, we're all bound to suffer from some extent of depression and anxiety. I'm making tons of generalization since I'm simply referring to the overall condition of human race. Mrs. L's husband once said, "Anxiety is the totality of the natural human life."

So the easiest way to talk about all these is for me to share with you what happened this past week. Yes, I was a basket case indeed. I was reading Psalm 90:10 - how our years are short and transient; if because of strength we could live another 10 years, our pride in those years would just be more labor and sorrow. Labor and sorrow were the exact two words that characterized my week.

Things happened. I got more added pressure at work. I was restless within due to family issues. I was disappointed with other things that did not work out the way I'd like them to be. My comfort zone was no more.

Having Fellowship with a More Mature Christian

As the week progressed, my condition deteriorated. Depressed with my present and anxious for my future  - these all sound like the perfect combination for trouble. And I knew that. I knew where I was heading and I knew that I desperately needed to be practically saved!

Actually this was not a small thing because if I did not realize how I needed to be saved, I would never be desperate enough to seek for help, the fellowship.

I am SO glad that my involvement with Christians on Campus throughout the years has caused me to be vitally related with an older sister in the Lord whom I can freely fellowship with. So I called her!

Dialing her number was definitely the first practical salvation that I experienced. I had someone to fellowship with, an older Christian in the community who not only had more experiences of Christ than I did but experiences of the human life as well.

All she had to say was "It's normal, Katherine, to go through what you are going through. It's okay."

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  1. Thanks for your honesty, that is part of our living Christ. But is this to be transparent? Sometimes I feel depressed but usually I keep that for myself and the Lord. Probably I am wrong.

    Thank you for your practical posts.

    1. Hi B, I appreciate your question. The matter of being transparent, I'd say, yes, but firstly to the Lord like you've mentioned. Then regarding fellowship, from my personal experience, it's always good to open up to a more mature Christian.

      As we open up the things in our heart, it's always good to exercise to follow the Lord's leading within and to have a will to simply be turned from our feeling to our faith.

      Many times we don't have to say too much, or get into too many details. Fellowship is simply to open up, to seek for help. So the Lord often will give us a feeling inside that at a certain extent what we said is good enough, we don't need to continue explaining further. And we just have to obey that, and use the rest of the time to pray together.

      Learning to fellowship is a precious, on-going lesson that we have to tap into as lovers of Christ. Many times the Lord supplies us through these other members of His Body, especially those who have become the joints of the rich supply.

      By the way, I have the second part of this post coming soon.

    2. Thank you for the Lord shinning in your answer. Probably I'm afraid of fellowship because I don't know how to have fellowship. But your answer helped me. Thanks.
      By being transparent I thought it was to shine Christ, not my self, shortcomings, defects, etc.

    3. Glad that the answer helped some, B. And yes, being transparent is for us to shine Christ out but also, reciprocally it means transparent to be shined through.

      Furthermore, we have to embrace the fact that we are still human, YET divine because we have Christ in us. Actually through fellowship, the Lord shepherds us in and with His humanity through the members of His Body. It's a human touch - often very practical and cherishing. :)

    4. Christ in us and through us, we in Christ and through Him!
      What a glorious goal, what a marvelous privilege, how merciful and gracious our Lord is!
      This is the New Jerusalem! Oh, Lord Jesus, we praise You!
      This cures depression and anxiety! :)

    5. Thank you for fellowshipping, B. :)


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