Google Simply Katherine, a Christian on campus: April 2015

Friday, April 10, 2015

Genuine Freedom

glorious freedom

What a great deliverance we have:
out of the authority of darkness.
What a marvelous transfer:
into the kingdom of the Son of God's love.

Today I found genuine freedom.
Freedom from flesh, freedom from self;
freedom from striving just to be good.

To live in God's kingdom
is not a matter of outward teaching & regulation.
In this realm we are ruled
in love, with life, and under light.

A realm that requires the divine life
with the innate ability of life.
The authority of the kingdom is
in the flowing of this life,
in the shining of Jesus,
and in the sense of life.

Here there is no fear.
No more struggle to please others,
'Tis freedom to live solely unto the King.

Personal notes from "The Ministry of the Word" Vol. 19, No.1 (Jan 2015)

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Why Manna?


This past week I was reading a study on the Book of Exodus for my morning time with the Lord. There were, of course, many climacteric points I enjoyed concerning the long-term mysterious miracle, manna, which was the bread that came out of heavens to feed millions of God's people. The Hebrew word for manna literally means "what is it?". In the New Testament, the Lord Jesus declares that He is the real manna—the bread out of heaven, the bread of God, the bread of life, the living bread, the true bread.

Actually what's so miraculous is the fact that we can eat the Lord Jesus, our true Bread; furthermore that "we are what we eat". When we eat the Lord in His Word consistently, daily, we would be built up with Him and thereby express His life and nature. Amazing, isn't it? When we eat Manna we become manna. And according to a footnote from Exodus 16:31 (RcV), here are the characteristics of Christ as manna given to God's people:
  • Fine and small - Christ is even and balanced, small enough for us to eat.
  • Round - Christ is eternal, perfect, and full, without shortage or defect.
  • White - Christ is clean and pure, without any mixture.
  • Like frost - Christ not only cools and refreshes us but also kills the negative things within us.
  • Like a coriander seed - Christ is full of life that grows in us and multiplies.
  • Solid - After gathering Christ as manna, we must prepare Him for our eating by "grinding, beating, and boiling" Him in the situations and circumstances of our daily living. This means we must experience and enjoy Christ in a particular process until Christ is fully fitting to be wrought into us in that specific situation or circumstance of our living.
  • Like bdellium in appearance - the brightness and transparency of Christ.
  • In its taste like the taste of cakes baked in oil - the fragrance of the Holy Spirit in the taste of Christ.
  • In its taste like wafers made with honey - the sweetness of the taste of Christ.
  • Good for making cakes - Christ is like fine cakes rich in nourishment.
Yet the question today is why did God insist on feeding the children of Israel only manna in the wilderness?