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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Joseph's Two Dreams

Continuing from my last post, in Genesis chapter 37 Joseph had two dreams that he related to his brothers and father. He dreamed that his brothers' sheaves of wheat were bowing down to his, and still yet another dream where the sun, the moon, and the eleven stars were bowing down to him. His father rebuked him and his brothers hated Joseph even more because they perceived that Joseph dreamed of reigning over them all.

A Natural, Immediate Reaction

My initial reaction and assessment toward Joseph's dreams were similar to that of his family. I thought Joseph was just a naive, arrogant boy, but recently I attended an in-depth study of this particular section of the Bible and came across these points:

"In his first dream Joseph saw sheaves in the field bowing down to his sheaf; this dream reveals that, at the most Joseph was just a sheaf and that, at the worst, his brothers were also sheaves; Joseph was a sheaf, and his brothers were sheaves.

The only difference between him and them was that God had chosen him to reign, but this does not mean that he was better than they were; God's people are all sheaves of life in Christ."

I felt exposed while reading these. I felt like my view had been pickled in the worldly concepts of "fairness" and "politics." That is why to some extent I actually sympathized with his brothers' jealousy and vengeance. Terrible, isn't it? This is what the world all about: justifying evil for good but none of it is God. I need to be saved from such view and attitude by seeing God's view.

joseph's dreams

God's View

God views His people as sheaves of wheat full of life and heavenly bodies full of light. Yet oftentimes when we view other Christians, we only focus on their shortcomings and condemn their weaknesses. There are multiple times in the Bible that God says He has not beheld iniquity in His people nor has He seen trouble in them, that He has reserved for Himself a particular group of people. Obviously we have read about the iniquities and troubles in Israel, among God's people. Yet God's view transcends time, all the way to New Jerusalem, where there is nothing but sheaves full of life and stars full of light.