About Me

My name is Katherine
Interested in both intellectual and spiritual pursuit of truth, I am a Christian, a lover and enjoyer of Christ. Born and raised in a Christian family, I grew up having conversations with the Lord in my own little ways. Later on, in college, Christians on Campus helped me to realize that I had been saved to serve Him.

One day I ran into a quote that says, "If we do not contain God and know God as our content, we are a senseless contradiction." (The Economy of God)

Struck by the trueness of this statement, since then I cannot turn away from this pursuit of laying hold of the full knowledge of Him - God as our content, the indwelling Christ

This blog is my journey, my searching, of the full experience of Christ through my contact with the members of His Body and through my personal time with Him. If Christ is so rich, so much, so broad, so high, so deep, then I, by myself, am not able to experience Him in a full way. I need others to grasp, experience, and enjoy this Christ in full, don't I?

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