Google Simply Katherine, a Christian on campus: August 2013

Friday, August 30, 2013

Still Practicing Proper Valuation

I've been reading my last post again and to my surprise, it has helped me quite a bit this week because I was rather thrown into a complex situation, mainly from within. 

So basically, the beginning of every school semester is one of the busiest months of the year for me. I'm helping with a Christian club. I have responsibilities and practical services to do. I feel like the Lord is telling me, "Katherine, Katherine, you are anxious and troubled about many things." (Luke 10:41)

Gospel outreachThe Lord has reminded me again and again that it doesn't matter how great the need is, how marvelous the service is, we need to turn to the Lord and sit at His feet, loving Him and ministering to Him, just like Mary did. 

But then, when the rubber meets the road, when I do need to bear the responsibility to coordinate and serve with others, I was reminded of the account in the Gospel of John chapter 12. It's an account of the Lord Jesus having supper in Bethany. All the three siblings (Martha, Mary, and Lazarus) were there. Martha was serving. Mary was pouring out her love, all that she had, upon the Lord. Lazarus' presence was in itself a testimony of resurrection because he was raised from the dead.

These three persons are actually three aspects of the Christian living. It's a triangular living. On one hand, I can be serving in a practical way, such as cooking, handing out invitations, contacting people, etc. On the other hand, if my being is poured out only for the work, but not upon the Person, then everything is meaningless, isn't it? I realize that spending time with the Lord is foundational and indispensable. We must value and treasure our time with the Lord, especially when the labor increases.

Lastly, the resurrection life testified by Lazarus is also striking to me. There is only one Person who proclaims Himself as the resurrection and the life, the Lord Jesus. How can I be serving, loving Him, and testifying resurrection?

Resurrection means Christ is living in me and He wants to be the source of my life. Now this is a divine and mysterious statement, but this is our gospel today. I'll continue on my next post.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Life of Consecration: Concept of Value

Have I ever mentioned how challenging the Christian life is? Mainly it's because every day our Christian life is full of choices. Yes, our God is so great that He has given us the capacity and opportunity to choose. However, we must know what determines our choices because eventually what we choose becomes the daily practicality of our consecration to the Lord Jesus.
"As such, how we choose depends upon our valuation of things, and our valuation of different things determines and is related to the degree of our consecration. In this sense, we are consecrating ourselves each day by the choices we make." - Andrew Yu
What determines our choices is our concept of value. This is simple logic: you would always go for the more valuables, wouldn't you? So that part is easy. 

Now the more challenging piece is the presence of the proper vision to assign the proper valuation. If we do not see the value, we won't bother to pay the price. The question is "what's the worth of Christ to us?" 

Doctrinally, without any hesitance, I would say "Christ is preciousness itself." Yet in my experience, how I need a deeper seeing of who He truly is to me.

Recently I just began to muse upon the Lord's worth again and again, repenting of my habitual ignorance of who He is and what He has done, is doing, and will do. More specifically I've been recently touched with His giving Himself for me. Christ suffered and died for me. Not only that, He resurrected and became the life-giving Spirit so that He could get inside of me. Now He is living in me!

Being Christians does not mean we escape trials and tribulations, but that in the midst of all those we would experience more of Him and more of His shepherding. Our valuation of these trials must then change. Instead of complaining and lamenting, let us seek the Lord to grant us the proper vision of who He is in the midst of our complex situations.

Eventually when we treasure someone, we would also treasure that person's deep longing. What Christ deeply yearns is His church, the bride of Christ. If we truly know the value of the church in His heart, we would give our whole life to be the church that He desires, wouldn't we?

Lord, grant us sight! Grant us the proper vision!